ADDA creates a steel detailing model that helps designers, engineers, and estimators understand the impact of reinforcement throughout the construction process. We collaborate with project stakeholders to provide a DfMA solution. Upon receipt of design intent, we assemble the 3D reinforcement model to meet both the designer's and constructor's project requirements. The model's outputs are detailed bar bending schedules, marking plans, shop fabrication drawings, and reinforcement time & cost analysis.

Benefits of ADDA DfMA

  • Time and cost savings – Design and construction issues can be viewed in a 3D environment and resolved within the model rather than on site.
  • Accurate scheduling – The 3D model generates the bar bending schedule, which results in less scheduling errors.
  • Prefabrication – Identification of reinforcing elements, sub-assemblies, welded mats, and carpet reinforcement are easily identified.
  • Value added products – the model supports the application of couplers to enable faster construction.
  • Waste reduction – construction time is accelerated by making the steel reinforcement process more efficient. Material waste is reduced by analysing reinforcing arrangements to utilise stock products and repurpose scrap into other areas.
  • Buildability – the reinforcement fits together perfectly with accurate sequencing and placement.
  • Collaboration – Our DfMA-Insite database utilises a single source of model data. For complex projects with multiple schedulers this ensures that each scheduler is working with the latest information and can readily interface with elements detailed by others.

DfMA Insite

We collaborate with you in the early design phase to optimise the reinforcing steel elements in your project.

Our DfMA-Insite database provides accurate forecasting and measuring information of a project’s reinforcement by creating ‘easy to use’ 2D and 3D models.

It can be introduced anywhere throughout the construction workflow for any reinforcing element. From a column or single pour, to an entire slab or project.

DfMA-Insite enables you to make informed decisions and determine the best method of reinforcement placement, including prefabrication opportunities.

DfMA Insite

Analyse actual vs. estimated steel tonnes and fixing time with DfMA Insite.

Detect design clashes before it’s too late

ADDA helps you identify clashes with embeded items. A clash description is created, analysed, and reported ror each detection.

Design Image

Easy to read / import bar schedules

ADDA removes paper schedules and highlighters with a more efficient and accurate ‘call-off’ method.

  • Scrap analysis – minimise waste at the earliest opportunity
  • Only order what you need, when you need it