Swanston Central

Problem: Traditional in-situ formwork for a 60 level residential tower is slow.

Solution: Identified time and cost savings in the early design stage by prefabricating 75 no. steel reinforced columns weighing 4.5 tonnes each.


  • Accelearated construction time
  • Reduced site safety risks
  • Lower overall project costs
  • BIM compatible

Petroleum Storage Tanks – Clyde Terminal

Problem: Circular reinforcing pattern presented significant challenges for manufacture and assembly of petroleum storage tanks.

Solution: Prepared 2D and 3D concepts to help design engineers visualise the reinforcement layout, reduce waste, detect potential steel clashes, and produce detailed bar bending schedule and site marking plans.


  • Reduced reinforcing tonnes by 14%
  • Scrap reduced from 12.0% to 1.4%
  • ADDA was faster than traditional scheduling
  • Reduced project costs by 12%

Water Treatment Tanks

Problem: Traditional reinforcement for the construction of complex water tanks would be slow

Solution: ADDA identified a modular method of incorporating uni-directional prefabricated mats as the most efficient method to construct the reinforcing steel elements.


  • Reduced material costs by using 50% stock lengths as opposed to 26%
  • Accelerated schedule with simplified steel fixing
  • Site safety risks reduced with less manual handling of steel

Class 1 Nuclear structure

Problem: A Class 1 Nuclear structure had not been delivered in over 10 years due to existing projects incurring significant delays. The delays were related to reinforcement complexity, and the inability of traditional 2D reinforcement detailing failing to deal with the complexity of the project, including failing to print construction drawings.

Solution: ADDA successfully delivered a DfMA reinforcement detailing solution for the Class 1 Nuclear Structure.


  • Demonstrated the benefits of ADDA early involvement from tender to completion.
  • Critical path reinforcement items identified through the DFMA-Insite time & cost analysis
  • Alternative methods of reinforcement placement implemented.
  • Fully clash detected 3D reinforcement models interfaced with embedment items ensured the build to print Nuclear requirement was met.

Airbus Testing Facility

Problem: Program acceleration required so Airbus could start wing manufacturing.

Solution: A modular method of incorporating prefabrication and carpet reinforcement was proposed during ADDA design and detailing.


  • Achieved faster construction programme with prefabrication and carpet reinforcing.
  • Installation time reduced by 80%
  • Reduced reinforcing tonnes by 5%

100 Bishopsgate

Problem: All subcontractor project documents removed from site after Subcontractor goes into Administration.

Solution: With ADDA engaged from project start, our DFMA 3D reinforcement model was used as a visual aid to assist main contractor and new subcontractor.


  • Minimal disruption to project, with seamless transition for all parties
  • DfMA-Insite used to provide tonnage cost analysis
  • ADDA now the new sub-contractor’s preferred supplier for detailing services