// who we are

ADDA is your technology partner for smarter reinforcement

Our ADDA team consists of software developers, detailers, project managers, consultants and SaaS specialists, who have deep expertise in the global steel reinforcing sector.

Headquartered in Sydney, we also have offices in India, UK and the US.
// what we do

Reinforcement Analytics Specialists

We provide our ADDA rebar modeling and analytics software and expert advice and insights to companies and organisations right across the globe.

We use technology, lots of rich data, fresh thinking and rebar expertise to create efficiencies and transparency, simplify processes, improve buildability and ultimately, improve outcomes for our rebar designers, suppliers and contractors.

Each client’s need is different, so our offer is tailored to answer the specific requirements of our customers.

// our technology

ADDA Software

Our proprietary ADDA software has been developed over the last 10 years in response to the specific needs of the rebar industry.

Used by designers, engineers, estimators, steel reinforcers and fabricators, our rebar detailing, modeling and analytics software leverages the Autodesk suite of Products and is compatible with many other platforms through standard file formats

// Our People

The ADDA Team

The ADDA team brings more than 30 years of deep construction, reinforcement, analytics and technology experience to solve your problems.

Alan Jeffreys

Founder & CTO

Alan founded ADDA in 2012. He has 30 years global experience in the reinforcement industry across consultancies, construction and supply, and has developed a unique skillset of technical, commercial and analytical capabilities. His dynamic approach to project solutions has enabled ADDA to be a recognised as a global leader in reinforcement software solutions and services. Alan creates differentiation for ADDA’s clients by ensuring that the ADDA suite of products continually evolves to meet changing demands, ensuring ADDA is at the leading edge of industry change.

Tim Segasby

IEng MICE – General Manager UK

Tim has more than 30 years’ experience as a civil engineering detailer and CAD specialist. As GM of ADDA’s UK operations, Tim drives business development and manages ADDA’s UK team. Tim also ensures the delivery of ADDA’s modeling, analytics and consulting services on complex and major projects for clients in sectors including nuclear, MOD and civil engineering infrastructure. Commercially aware, Tim has a strong track record of delivering improved buildability for clients through reinforcement modeling, resulting in improved project processes and cost reductions in manufacturing and construction.

Leathen Hanlon

GM North America

A Structural Detailer, Leathen has more than 20 years’ experience across the UK and US supporting the structural engineering and architectural disciplines. He is well versed in integrated project delivery and detailing of structural steel, timber, masonry and reinforced concrete. Creative and detail-orientated, Leathen’s passion is developing digital deliverables to improve real world construction communication
Based in New York, Leathen works closely with ADDA’s US clients to demonstrate the improvements ADDA’s 2D to 5D modeling tools and analytics can deliver on complex builds.

Vignesh Namachivayam

Project Manager

Vignesh is ADDA’s senior project manager with more than a decade of global experience across complex construction, infrastructure and nuclear class projects. Vignesh collaborates with ADDA clients to ensure efficient project management, aligning internal teams, subcontractors on complex projects, and deliver ADDA’s design optimization solutions. A highly experienced engineer and 3D modeler, Vignesh is also responsible for extensive BIM training and upskilling of detailing teams to produce the highest-quality drawings to support complex projects.

Ashutosh Karn

Distinguished Engineer / Project Manager

Ashutosh has created and developed software for over 25 years, with the last 15 focussed on 2D and 3D reinforcement Software. Starting with ADDA in 2012 Ashutosh has designed and developed the ADDA suite of software. Specialising in agile development combined with global reinforcement knowledge has enabled ADDA to be an industry disruptor providing differentiation throughout the reinforcement supply chain.

Mitch Murphy


Mitch brings strong commercial and financial management expertise to ADDA, including more than 20 years in finance roles in the steel industry. He is customer focussed and his experience covers all aspects of business and operational disciplines, including strategy, implementation, systems migration, business integration, contract and commercial management and profit improvement. As CFO, Mitch is responsible for the ADDA Group’s financial management  and is a valuable member of the management group.

Alex Stewart

Executive Chair

A globally experienced business leader, Alex has held operational and leadership roles across Asia-Pac, EMEA and the US. His business and organisational experience includes senior roles at Microsoft in Australia and the US, through to early-stage digital health start-ups. With strong operational and strategic skills, Alex is responsible for integrating ADDA’s business strategy, operations, product development and people, ensuring ADDA successfully delivers globally leading reinforcement analytics and solutions.

Mike Courtnall

Advisory Board

A 40-year veteran and multi-functional executive of the global steel industry, Mike has a strong track record of significant business results across a number global operations and markets. As well as his deep industry and leadership expertise, Mike brings particular capabilities in defining organisational vision and team development.

Mark Bryan

Advisory Board

Mark has over 20 years capital markets experience with leading investments banks and wealth advisory businesses across Europe and Australia. Mark also brings deep experience in technology and software markets and opportunities, having worked on the successful IPO’s of many technology companies including MYOB.

Our Partners

ADDA products and services are represented in the US by Applied Systems Associates, Inc.

aSa develops and customises computer solutions for clients and specifically for the rebar industry. Partnering with most of the major rebar suppliers, aSa provides extensive on-site training, advice and support for the rebar industry.

ADDA products are used exclusively in Australia by AUSREO, Australia’s fastest growing provider of rebar.

AUSREO uses ADDA software and consulting expert services to provide further efficiencies for rebar clients in modelling, fabrication and ultimately construction times and safety.

GMT Robotics provides innovative technology solutions for the reinforcing industry, transforming manual workflows by using automatic robotic processes to create better efficiencies and economics.

ADDA has collaborated with GMT Robotics on a number of complex construction projects to provide clients with optimised, and precise rebar design that can best take advantage of GMT Robotics automation products and processes.

Our partnership with GMT Robotics has enabled us to use both our ADDA Construct and ADDA Insight software to support 3D to 5D modelling for GMT Robotics to optimise and automate rebar production processes. ADDA’s technology has also been supplemented with ADDA’s Consult services, providing world-leading rebar advice from design and pre-planning stages through to production and delivery.

GMT Robotics

Combining ADDA’s world-leading technology with 3DE Global’s highly trained structural steel and rebar workforce, ADDA’s partnership with 3DE brings increased precision, with added scale, to our client projects.

ADDA’s world-class 2D to 5D modeling software provides speed and accuracy to complex construction projects. With ADDA used by 3DE Global’s 100+ strong team of highly experienced civil engineering, structural design and rebar experts, clients enjoy maximum project efficiency, with modern solutions that save time and money on complex projects, and at scale.

3DE Global

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