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ADDA will help make your project more profitable.

Looking for improved buildability, efficiency and productivity? ADDA’s rebar project management software and services assist complex construction projects to increase profitability during every stage of the project value-chain. 

Our integrated suite of rebar software supports 2D to 5D modeling and encourages stakeholder collaboration, resulting in more buildable designs that work first time, eliminating clashes and other fixing problems to ensure your project is on track from day one.

Data-rich, ADDA’s software assists projects to reduce waste and carbon outputs, and enables contractors build a library of IP to improve future projects.

ADDA’s rebar production software is supported by our global rebar consulting expertise services, ADDA Consult.

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How ADDA rebar project management software helps construction projects

  • One integrated 2D and 3D platform
  • Improve buildability, minimize clashes
  • Improve project delivery and safety
  • Enhance stakeholder collaboration
  • 4D and 5D modeling
  • Detailed project analytics
  • Deep insights on carbon and ESG outputs
  • Global expertise on project optimisation
  • Outsource rebar detailing work

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Find out about some of the simple and complex global projects where ADDA has made a difference.

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