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ADDA is a global leader in steel reinforcement analytics.

Built by reinforcers, for reinforcers, we are a tried and trusted partner for design consultancies, fabricators and construction companies.

We offer smart and industry designed solutions that improve processes for simple and complex reinforcement projects, creating efficiencies throughout the total value chain, reducing waste, saving time and money and improving safety.

ADDA modeling and analytics suite and services enhances collaboration, speeds up projects, and assists organisations throughout the supply chain, delivering quantifiable benefits.

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ADDA Delivers

Return On Investment

Collaboration throughout an integrated supply chain identifies and minimises waste and optimizes reinforcement procurement. This enables a project to be delivered safely, accurately, on time and within budget. The BIM (Building Information Model) becomes the virtual twin and part of the project legacy.

Actionable Business Insights

A better understanding of reinforcement lifecycle, combined with a data rich Bar Bending Schedule (bar list), and the production understanding of piece count vs tonnes, creates the analytics which enable informed decisions to be made on Forecasting, Scrap Analysis and Waste Identification. Our focus on workflow optimization ensures reinforcement is recognised as a sustainable product.

Health & Safety

The 3D reinforcement model focuses on the design and buildability requirements that ensure a safe workplace throughout the total supply chain. Through clash detection, collaborative reviews, simulating reinforcement placement and creating method statements from the virtual model we ensure safe loading, handling and installation practices are implemented and achieved.

Value Added Products

The ADDA software suite enables comparison of traditional loose bar reinforcement placement against a prefabricated, modular or sub assembly reinforcement solution. The introduction of couplers, welded mats / mesh and carpet reinforcement provides a project with a time and cost comparison that creates differentiation and brings value throughout the total value stream.

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Stephen Snape
Stephen Snape
Technical Detailing Manager | Total Construction Supplies Limited
"ADDA has revolutionised our approach to visualisation, accuracy, and speed in rebar detailing. What once consumed hours or even days of labour can now be completed in a fraction of the time, all while maintaining the highest level of accuracy. The speed and efficiency afforded by ADDA has not only streamlined our workflow but have also raised the bar for the quality of our work. As a result, we're able to deliver superior results to our clients with unmatched speed and precision, setting a new standard rebar detailing at Total Construction Supplies."
Scott Leib
Scott Leib
CEO | aSa
"Many aSa customers use Auto-CAD based applications and have a growing need for 3D modeling. ADDA leverages your existing investment in AutoCAD in terms of both licensing and training. ADDA has powerful, yet simple to use detailing tools to create beautiful rebar models quickly and accurately."
Paul Barbuto
Paul Barbuto
"As rebar fabricators, we traditionally simply supplied a commodity product. ADDA has transformed our business by enabling us to engage sooner, and work much more collaboratively with construction companies. We have become a true value-add partner providing solutions, not just materials, and as a result we have secured larger and more profitable projects and grown market share."
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