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Advanced Detailing and Design Application (ADDA) uses Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) methodologies to create a 5D reinforced steel model for construction projects.

The model helps you to:

  • Identify steel reinforcing elements to be prefabricated off-site;
  • Detect material and embedment clashes through the creation of a 3D model;
  • Produce time analysis of reinforcement construction sequences (4D);
  • Provide cost certainty of steel reinforcing elements from early design to the concrete pour (5D).

ADDA typically saves our clients 20% in project process, time and materials.

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ADDA - The Reinforcing Steel BIM

Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA)

We optimise material usage, determine the best method for manufacture, and provide detailed cost and time estimates for your reinforcing steel project.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our engineers collaborate with designers and constructors to ensure the steel reinforcement elements are part of the overall BIM process.

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Increase productivity, reduce onsite labour, and overcome scheduling challenges by manufacturing your reinforcing elements in a quality controlled factory.

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