ADDA for Fabricators

// Rebar Software for Fabricators

Optimise rebar production with fast project estimation, efficient delivery, and earlier engagement with project owners.

ADDA’s rebar detailing software suite enables you to estimate, forecast and fabricate more efficiently, enhancing your production of standard cut and bend, as well as identifying opportunities pre-fabrication.

Our rebar software is designed by detailers for the rebar industry. As well as improving productivity, ADDA’s solution  delivers accurate rebar estimates, specifications and optimized fixing – all of which  facilitate stronger relationships and earlier engagement with contractors.

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How ADDA helps fabrication

  • Integrated 2D & 3D detailing
  • Fast and accurate estimates
  • Reduce waste and optimised shipping
  • Easy integration with fabrication systems such as aSa
  • Strengthen stakeholder collaboration
  • 4D and 5D modeling
  • Detailed project analysis and forecasting
  • Identifies value-add opportunities
  • Global expertise on project optimisation
  • Outsource rebar detailing work

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Find out about some of the simple and complex global projects where ADDA has made a difference.

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