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ADDA Insight

Optimize your rebar supply chain, and your bottom line, with our leading rebar analytics tool, ADDA Insight.

The 4D (time) and 5D (cost) analysis and side-by-side project comparisons in ADDA Insight enable you to optimize piece-count and diameters for your project and to apply learnings from each project across your upcoming project pipeline.

ADDA Insight delivers actionable insights that improve forecasting and help you to identify value-add opportunities, like pre-fabrication. It also provides detailed ESG measures and reporting.


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Rebar analytics and optimization

Unique insights into your rebar supply chain

Optimise your production through analysis of past projects

Improved forecasting and planning

Detailed view of time and costs and the impact of piece-counts, diameters and weight

Strengthened stakeholder collaboration

Information-rich platform creating a single source of truth

Identify value-add opportunities

Optimise delivery schedules and highlight options for prefabrication

Enhanced bottom line

Deep insights deliver project efficiencies and new opportunities

Detailed view of ESG

ESG measures and reporting, including CO2

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How ADDA Insight works for you

  • Capture details of bar bending schedule (bar list)
  • Breaks down rebar diameter splits, piece counts and work type, couplers and drawings
  • Data rich SAAS dashboard accessible via browser
  • Filter project by work or element type to determine the work type mix
  • Live and historical project data comparisons
  • Reporting
  • Compatible with ADDA Construct and 3rd party bar bending schedules


  • Access up-to-date bar bending schedule (bar list) information and reinforcement breakdown through a data rich dashboard
  • Create forecasts, pricing and cost models
  • Improve buildability before project starts
  • Modeling meets BIM Execution Plan requirements
  • Enhanced project overview and collaboration between project owners, detailers and fabricators
  • Detailed reporting for ESG and other reporting regimes


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ADDA Projects & Articles

Find out about some of the simple and complex global projects where ADDA has made a difference.

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