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ADDA Estimate

ADDA Estimate is the only tool in market that can help you estimate your rebar weights and requirements.
Built by rebar detailers for rebar detailers, ADDA Estimate will take any profile and provide a reinforcement estimate, giving you more accuracy during tender or whenever you need rebar estimation.
Simple and very quick to use, ADDA Estimate can calculate weights for different standards, and inform subsequent 2D or 3D modeling and save you time and costs in creating estimates on your next project.

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Quick and simple rebar estimates


Calculates reinforcement quickly and accurately


Set-out and converts into 3D

Easy to use

Any skillset able to create estimates


Time and costs savings in creating estimates


Exports into IFC and other formats

Data rich

Splits set-out for more accurate detail

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How ADDA Estimate works for you

• Uses ADDA Freebar to create any shape
• Traces 2D and converts to 3D
• Splitting of 2D set out information
• Covers all required standards
• Models exported to IFC and native .dwg format

• Can be used by anyone in the team
• Quick and easy to create estimates
• Better detailed and accurate estimates due to splitting of the set-out
• Prepares information to move to 3D modeling stage
• Time and cost savings at estimate stage

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Find out about some of the simple and complex global projects where ADDA has made a difference.

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