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Five critical considerations when choosing 3D modeling software to improve your reinforcement detailing.

As builds become more complex and interesting, 3D modeling software is the solution to the reinforcement challenges that project designs can throw up.

With a number of 3D modeling technologies on the market, which one do you choose?

Here’s a breakdown of the considerations, what you need (and why).

1. Choose rebar-first modeling over concrete-first modeling

If you want to optimise value across the entire construction value-chain, start with your rebar design. Many 3D modelers take a concrete led approach, but taking a rebar-first approach to modeling allows you to create a more detailed and buildable framework pre-tender.

This means the project is optimised from start to finish, including material pre-ordering, rebar cutting and bending, earlier detection of clashes, on-site build time and safety. We’ve seen projects make substantial savings using ADDA, including one project which saved nearly 25% on project costs by taking ADDA software’s rebar-led approach.

2. Choose software that will give you 2D drawing, and flexible 3D modeling.

3D is the future of construction, but you still need easy access to 2D drawings. Your 3D software should be able to easily and automatically generate a 2D model and the required bar-lists. ADDA is one of the few rebar detailing platforms on the market with this built-in capability that can give you a seamless transfer from 2D to 3D environment and back to the other.

You also want to make the most of the 3D modeling capability, particularly as builds become more complex. ADDA models true ARCs / radial bars with unique characteristics and makes it easy to model special shapes.

3. Make sure the 3D modeling software fits your current workflow and is cross platform

Some technologies require you to purchase their entire product suite which your entire team has to learn from scratch. This is costly and requires detailers to learn new skills and workflow.

Most detailers know AutoCAD, and ADDA integrates straight into AutoCAD, enabling you to retain your existing workflow. This makes it extremely fast to learn as it leverages the skills your AutoCAD users already possess.

As ADDA is an AutoCAD plug-in, you don’t need to make any major or costly changes to your software set-up.

ADDA is also the fastest 3D software in market in terms of creating and printing a 3D bar-bending schedule.

4. Make the most of the data and leverage it

Data and analytics are the next big thing in terms of improving and even transforming the construction process. Choose software that will allow you to make the most of the data you are already collecting.

Understanding rebar project metrics is key to improving your margins through better forecasting and optimization of steel. It’s a serious advantage to provide you with a clear differentiation in the market.

You may not want this kind of functionality on every project, but having it embedded into your 3D software so it’s there when you do, means no need for more add-ons or plug-ins.

ADDA is the most data-rich 2D and 3D modeling software on the market. Our ADDA Insight module adds extra layers of value, including project comparisons, improved forecasting, optimised scheduling and even understanding your specific carbon outputs.

5. Make sure your software comes with reinforcement expertise, advice and includes the real-world help

As builds continue to push the limits, you need specialist knowledge not only in the software, but also in the form of real experience from your service provider.

ADDA is built by reinforcers for reinforcers, so it is intuitive, easy for users to pick up and quickly begin making beautiful models. It’s also backed by thorough training so you can get the most out of the platform.

The ADDA team is on-hand to help clients, bringing a century of rebar, construction and technology experience to provide expert advice and consulting services to optimise your project.

For your next build, consider ADDA, the market-leading reinforcement software covering 2D, 3D, data and BIM-compliant solutions. We partner with design consultancies, fabricators and construction companies around the world to create significant savings of time and cost on projects.

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