Project Issue

The six-head nuclear station at Avenmouth Port in the UK is one of the most complex concrete structures ever constructed in the UK. The highly resilient build required more than 155,000 steel bars to support a complicated cooling system, two nuclear reactors and safety designs that included considerations of a 1 in 10,000 seismic event.

What Happened

ADDA Construct was used to build a 3D model to assess buildability. This included the extensive task of combining 900 reinforcement drawings into a 3D model.


  • Initial analysis identified more than 180,000 clashes. This promoted a redesign and repositioning to remove all clashes prior to build
  • Demonstrated clashes using accurate 3D visualisation of works
  • Identified critical path reinforcement and special rollings and stock lengths
  • Identified value-added products to minimise congestion and enable the flow of concrete
  • Created 2D general arrangement & production drawings to show installation sequences
  • Assisted in reviewing social distancing measures on-site to meet pandemic construction requirements
  • Structure was successfully built due to support provided by ADDA 3D modeling with no clashes to a tolerance of 3mm
  • Identified opportunities for client to improve business processes / workflow for future projects

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