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ADDA Unveils Market First Tech Poised To Shake Up Industry

Award-winning rebar software company ADDA has released its new product – ADDA Estimate – creating the first end-to-end integrated rebar estimation, detailing and
analytics suite in the market.

Global rebar software specialist ADDA has added a new product to its range of 2D,3D, 4D and 5D modelling services, which can help save the industry millions by creating more accurate estimates early in the project.

ADDA Estimate is the new tool that help estimate rebar weights and requirements from any concrete profile, providing accurate estimations that can be adjusted for different

ADDA Founder and CTO Alan Jeffreys says ADDA Estimate fills a need in the market to get more accurate information earlier.

“Particularly useful at the early stages of a project, ADDA Estimate is quick and simple for anyone in the team to use, giving the project better insight early on around rebar needs, and creating data rich information that can then be fed into subsequent ADDA 2D and 3D modelling.

“Estimate enables us to take any concrete profile and quickly put reinforcement against it, 
providing diameter and weight to give more accurate estimates. “In addition, and uniquely, users can feed this directly into ADDA Construct, streamlining the 3D detailing workflow.”

Jeffreys says Estimate provides another way for ADDA to serve the needs of modern construction projects.

“All projects are looking to refine costs and reduce waste, and if you can do that more accurately at the estimate and tender stage, you have better clarity around the projects
right from the start.” says Jeffreys.

ADDA Estimate comes on the back of ongoing success for ADDA’s suite of AutoCAD compatible software products that span it’s 2D and 3D ADDA Construct through to its 4D
and 5D services in ADDA Insight.

ADDA Construct was recently recognised as a Top Product in the US, and was nominated as a Top BIM service provider in Asia-Pac. Jeffreys says ADDA’s suite of products continues to focus on being easy to use, reduce workload and provide genuine time and cost savings.

“The recent recognition has been gratifying that we are on the right track with our approach. Like ADDA Construct and Insights, ADDA Estimate has been designed to be really accessible, so anyone in the project team can quickly and simply get the information we need. It also contributes to that later 3D modeling phase by providing early data.”

ADDA Estimate can be accessed as a stand-alone licence from ADDA.

About ADDA

ADDA is a leading global in steel reinforcement analytics.

With products developed over many years by rebar detailers for rebar detailers, ADDA’s suite of products are designed to be compatible with AutoCAD workflows, and answer the complex modelling and analytic needs of the modern construction industry.

Used on infrastructure projects from the UK to North America and Australia, ADDA products has been shown to deliver savings of up to 20% on reinforcement projects.

For more information or to interview Alan, please contact ADDA media relations:
Rebecca Martin: +61 422 66018

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