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With many industries, including construction, needing to report on their environmental, sustainability and corporate governance, the challenge for companies is having the detail and insight to report, and identifying opportunities to improve.
Here’s three ways the ADDA suite of software can support your ESG.

ESG is quickly becoming a mandatory reporting requirement for industries around the world. Construction is no different.

There is also often an assumption that ESG just refers to sustainability. It doesn’t. ESG, or Environment, Sustainability and Governance, does include considerations like emissions, but it also covers everything from process to good governance and even a company’s health and safety record.

Here’s how software like ADDA can help construction companies assess, improve and report against ESG requirements.


Construction has numerous environmental impacts, ranging from design (green principles), materials (steel, concrete etc) and the construction process itself (transport, on-site emissions, waste etc).

Reinforced steel is a key part of any complex structure, and as a carbon intensive resource, is a key environmental consideration. One clear way to improve your environmental impacts is to only manufacture and use the exact amount of steel you need. Steel that is delivered on-site but is then unused or becomes off-cuts, increases your project’s emissions, through its production and the effort and fuel to get the rebar on-site.

ADDA Construct ensures your rebar is designed, ordered and delivered efficiently. Modeling rebar requirements using 3D early in the design process enables the precise mix of required steel lengths and diameters to be delivered on-site and identifies opportunities for pre-fabrication or value-add solutions such as carpet reinforcement. Steel is optimised for shipping and handling, resulting in faster fixing, and a lower carbon footprint.


In an ESG context, ‘Sustainability’ has a wide remit, covering include a broad category of activities aityround the business, including its processes, safety, people, finances and community. 

ADDA contributes to sustainability in a number of ways. One of its key attributes is to connect and create visibility for all the parties involved in the build, from the project manager, designers, rebar fabricators and other material providers as well as the on-site team. Having a singular point of view across the project ensures processes are optimised, and more easily kept to the desired standards.

3D design also improves accuracy from end-to-end of the build. Clashes are eliminated prior to fixing, resulting in improved constructability and a safer work-site, with more clarity around materials and required movements.  

ADDA’s software creates project legacy and unmatched insights into rebar usage across past projects, delivering a powerful repository of data that enables firms to compare and analyse past projects and understand best practice. 

This provides more accurate project estimation and optimal delivery in future projects.   ADDA models integrate into the project BIM to ensure long-term clarity and visibility of embedded steel.

By delivering improvements and reducing costs right across the project value chain, ADDA also supports the financial sustainability of the project and its parties.


Data is your friend with governance, and with ADDA Insight, ADDA creates a data trail and information from the design of the structure, right through the whole project, including analysis of  project time and cost and emissions.

Being able to readily use this information for reporting to stakeholders or to meet project requirements is powerful, and the ability to  compare information over multiple projects enables the firm to build intellectual property  can empower the business to improve quality and, importantly, to differentiate from competitors.

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